Living in the Body

Robyn Scherr : CranioSacral Therapy

What's it like, living in your body?

Perhaps you’re slow to heal from an injury you were told should have been straightforward, or you’re recovering from trauma, or you have headaches that just won’t quit. Maybe your body is mysterious to you. Maybe you’ve received a difficult diagnosis, and relief is hard to find.

Or you’re learning that, more than anything, daily stress is eating away at your life.

You have an inkling, an inner knowing that you could be healthier, happier, more comfortable in your own skin, and you wonder how to get there.

Simply put, I work best with people who are ready to hear their bodies’ side of the story. With CST, you will connect with your body's wisdom and resilience.

During sessions, your body has the opportunity to shift away from stress patterns that—while helpful and even life-saving in the short term—are costly and damaging when used long term. Instead, your body begins to prefer responses that are geared toward repair and long term health.

In working with me, we’ll consult with the foremost expert: your own body’s intelligence. With that as our guide,
we’ll work together to help you increase your capacity for joy and live your fullest, most satisfying life.

Multihands Sessions
Our combined skills offer you a potent opportunity to address deeply held patterns in your body. Two practitioners working together provide greater support and enhanced focus. Clients consistently report that one multihands session has the value of several one-on-one sessions.

with Kate Mackinnon PT CST-D and Robyn Scherr CMT CST-D

Kate and Robyn have each been practicing CST for more than 16 years, and have been collaborating regularly in multihands sessions for the past twelve years.

Please contact me to schedule.
Sessions are held on the first or second Wednesday of every month:

Appointments at 10AM, 11AM, and noon.
Sessions are 50 minutes. $290.

January 8, Lafayette FULL
February 5, Livermore
March 4, Lafayette, with support therapist
Teresa Shen FULL
April 1, Livermore with support therapist
Erin Wooldridge FULL
May 6, Lafayette
June 3, Livermore

Session Information
What to expect. My office is private and quiet. When you first arrive, I will ask you to fill out a simple personal and medical history form. We’ll take a few minutes to discuss it and address any questions or concerns you have. I’ll then ask you to lie on my treatment table, making sure you are comfortable, with pillows and bolsters as you need them.

Craniosacral therapy is performed fully clothed, so please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. I will ask you to remove your shoes.

How many sessions will you need? Because everyone comes in with a unique set of symptoms and history, and every session is unique, it’s not possible to give a concrete timetable. Some clients feel better within one session and don’t need another. Some need several sessions over time. Most people feel some relief and a good deal of hope after one session. If, after three sessions, either of us feels the work is not addressing your needs, I will refer you to another practitioner who I feel would be a better match. Meeting your needs is my priority.

A special note about infants and children. I don’t expect your little ones to be still! Babies and young children tend to integrate the work more quickly than adults, and usually need several play or cuddle breaks during a session. I’m very accustomed to working under the table, and to working with “moving targets”. You may bring a book or toy for your child; babies work very well while nursing or having a bottle. Your child will clearly let us know when she’s finished working: I allow 30 minutes, but many children finish sooner. When your child signals she has finished, we honor her body’s intelligence and end the session.

Privacy. Information that you share with me is private, it belongs to you. Unless I’m required by law to share information, what you tell me, what happens in a session, and anything else about you will remain solely between us. If you’d like me to share information with another practitioner, I will need your request in writing and will keep it on file.